5 Unusual And Interesting Holiday Ideas

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As you plan your next holiday, think outside the box a little bit. Your holiday can be memorable in many ways, but a change of venue may be just what makes it a once-in-a-lifetime event. Here are 5 unusual and interesting holiday ideas.

West Iceland

Be sure to take your camera on this holiday, because you’re going to see the Northern Lights like you’ve never seen them before. This atmospheric phenomenon is viewed easily from this continent. This tour also includes viewing of killer whales and boat trips. You can book the trip to include your hotel stay and meals – an all-in-one package.


Maybe you don’t want to stray too far from home. Devon, England is a lovely place to visit, especially if you stay on a houseboat! These houseboat stays include full kitchen and bathroom facilities, and can be booked for any number of guests. You can enjoy the feel of water lapping against the hull, and fish for rainbow trout from your front porch. Birdwatchers also find a haven here, and windsurfing and sailing is available right in the area. If you don’t fancy heading into the sea, you can always try out some of the interesting health spas and health farms available on the coast.


The south of India is home to the state of Kerala. You can purchase a holiday here, and find out how families in the area actually live. Your stay will be booked with different families, with two days on a houseboat. This is an ideal way to take a winter holiday, as European winter is the pleasant time of year in southern India.


If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Canary Islands, consider Lanzarote for your trip. You can not only enjoy the beautiful islands, you can experience glamping at its best. Stay in a luxury yurt that has been professionally designed for your comfort, with luxury bath accommodations and easy access to the beach. You’ll have an expansive view of the Temisa mountains, and unbelievable views of the ocean as you dine in the bamboo gazebo. There is also a private, solar heated pool, a play park, a trampoline, and swings for the kids. You even get the use of an eco car for the duration of your stay.


If you are a little more adventurous, and in pretty good shape, consider a biking and barge holiday. This trip will take you from Amsterdam to Bruges, and all of your insurance is included in the cost. With this unique holiday, you will tour some of the most beautiful sights in Holland and Belgium. Your tour will begin with the Gouda cheese factory in Amsterdam, from whence you will cycle to tour the famous windmills of the Dutch countryside. Other destinations on your tour will include Dordrecht, the nature reserves of Biesbosch, and Willemstad. You’ll take a barge to on the Zeeland waterways, and move on to Antwerp and Ghent, where you’ll round out your tour with a visit to the famous chocolatiers of Bruges.
There you have 5 unusual destinations for your holiday this year. Enjoy your memorable visits to these unique places.

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