The History Of Garden Design

Aug - 03 2017

The earliest pictures we have of gardens are everywhere from Egypt-paintings of landscapes together with creatures and plants combined in a way that offer pleasure in addition to function. 1 such painting, outdated 1400 BC, is at the British Museum, and it portrays a decorative fishpond. The pond is a rectangle using a rock edge. […]

A Look Back At The Militarization Of The Olympic Games

Feb - 03 2015

Do you remember the obvious presence of the military during the 2012 Olympic Games? It may have faded from most people’s memories. The general public assumed that a strong military presence was necessary due to the threat of terrorism. Since the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Global War on Terror has served as […]

Reasons To Be Glad You Missed Glastonbury Festival Tickets

Oct - 28 2014

The Glastonbury Festival is a music icon in the UK, and tickets sell out early. People from all over the world congregate for the festival, many purchasing their tickets months ahead of time – which, by the way – you must do if you intend to attend. For you lucky losers who did not purchase […]

The History Of Plants As Decoration

Aug - 12 2014

  From the beginnings of recorded history, plants have been used for decoration. Excavated ruins of Pompeii have elaborate mosaics portraying colorful flowers and huge olive and shade trees. Exhumed mummies from pharaoh’s tombs have plants, herbs, and seeds incorporated into the shrouding that wrap the bodies, and the tombs themselves often have bulbs and […]

A Look Back At 1950’s Camping

Jun - 09 2014

Ah Camping, One of my passions. I love getting back to nature and leaving all my devices switched off. There’s nothing quite like being out in the wilderness with your tent, and a tin or two of beans. These day’s you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who actually camps properly. You’ll see mothers and […]

Satellite Communications in The Security Industry

Apr - 03 2014

The security industry is a very large industry, there are all kinds of different avenues and jobs that you can take. Satellite use is not exclusive to this industry specifically, and it is only used in security jobs where there is no opportunity to use standard communication. We’re not talking about your standard satellite that […]


Aug - 14 2013

Over the past few months we’ve been hearing more and more about the state of our own privacy. It seems that I’ve had a sudden realisation that we wont be having very much privacy any more. With internet enabled devices all throughout our lives, how is spying on our communications at all acceptable? I’ve been […]

Somali Hijacking, No Boats Taken In A Year

Jul - 02 2013

Somali Hijacking seems to be a thing of the past, well, the hijacking aspect of it. Attacks are still happening in the Gulf of Aden and the south coast of Africa but with new security measures on nearly all vessels that pass through, none of the attacks are successful. I have a friend who has […]

Safety And The Security Industry

Jan - 20 2013

The security industry is a well oiled machine, with thousands of people working in security in Britain how do you get access to this sector? Training First of all, training is a must. Training and licensing is all in the same package and offered by the SIA (the Security Industry Authority). Many companies work with […]

Is Home Security The First Place to Start?

Oct - 11 2012

Of course it is! Home security is important, even if you think you live in the nicest of locals, criminals don’t discriminate. A break-in can happen anywhere and just because the area you live in is nice, doesn’t mean that it wont happen to you. You don’t have to buy 6? thick metal doors, just […]

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