The Evolution Of Dance

Sep - 24 2014

The evolution of dance is as long as the presence of man on this planet. Perhaps one of the most elusive of arts to visualize, dance is used, among other reasons, to express emotion, as a form of worship, as an act of healing, and for artistic expression. Dance does not leave behind concrete proof […]

The History Of Bude

Sep - 22 2014

Bude is a picturesque town on the ocean, located in the northern part of Cornwall, England. The beaches of Bude face a part of the Atlantic Ocean called the Celtic Sea. This popular Victorian era watering hole and resort has remained a draw for those wanting to enjoy beautiful beach and surf. The surf, especially, […]

The History Of Yoga

Sep - 16 2014

Yoga may surprise you. Many people think of yoga as being a series of “funny positions” during which you are supposed to meditate. However, there is much more involved with yoga. It is actually an umbrella word that encompasses physical discipline, religion, and several forms of philosophy. What is Yoga?   The word “yoga” actually […]

The History Of Fitness

Jul - 16 2014

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “only the strong will survive”. Survival of the fittest is steeped in Darwinian tradition, leading humans to think that the gene pool favors those able to either fight or flee. Historically, this may have been true – one would have to be in pretty good shape to survive in […]

The History Of Surfing

Jul - 14 2014

Surfing is one of those things that you just know would have been around for thousands of years. I could imagine even the cavemen of yesteryear interested in whether they could ride with the current of the waves. It is assumed that the origin of surfing began with bodysurfing. This is the practice of riding […]

Why Should You Find Yourself A Hobby?

Jun - 24 2014

Boredom, in some people’s opinion, is the root of all evil. “Idle minds are the devil’s workshop”, and this has never been more true than today. With all of the electronic aids to getting our work done, we often find ourselves with extra time on our hands. The need to fill that extra time with […]

5 Unusual And Interesting Holiday Ideas

Apr - 28 2014

As you plan your next holiday, think outside the box a little bit. Your holiday can be memorable in many ways, but a change of venue may be just what makes it a once-in-a-lifetime event. Here are 5 unusual and interesting holiday ideas. West Iceland Be sure to take your camera on this holiday, because […]