Safety And The Security Industry

Jan - 20 2013 | By

The security industry is a well oiled machine, with thousands of people working in security in Britain how do you get access to this sector?


First of all, training is a must. Training and licensing is all in the same package and offered by the SIA (the Security Industry Authority). Many companies work with the SIA to offer training packages and help. You can find websites that offer this kind of advice all over the place and a simple google search so get you what you require. An SIA licence is required to do any kind of work within the security industry, whether it be a CCTV operator or a nightclub doorman you need one of these licences. Getting yourself an SIA licence can really benefit you if you are having trouble finding work. It will open up many avenues for you and you will have access to a wide range of positions. Certain websites will help you find all kinds of positions, from CCTV Operator to door supervisor jobs.


Experience is another thing that would come in handy, having experience in the armed forces or navy will definitely net you some extra brownie points when applying for positions. Ex military personnel usually find themselves at home doing close protection work or bodyguard work, this is a slightly more dangerous side to the security industry but combat training is preferred. This kind of past experience will also help you with access to maritime security training and jobs aswell so it is quite an advantage.

So if your striking out when looking for employment, why not take a look at SIA training courses?

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