Somali Hijacking, No Boats Taken In A Year

Jul - 02 2013 | By

Somali Hijacking seems to be a thing of the past, well, the hijacking aspect of it. Attacks are still happening in the Gulf of Aden and the south coast of Africa but with new security measures on nearly all vessels that pass through, none of the attacks are successful. I have a friend who has written a few articles on the subject and he definitely did not believe the UN’s claims that there have been no hijackings since may 12th 2012. He knew a few sources that would most likely disprove what had been said and ended up going onto the websites.

He was indeed correct because within minutes he had found accounts of ships being boarded in and around Somalian waters. Now I’m not usually one to be skeptical but I don’t really see the purpose of such blatant lies when you can see that events are happening nearly everyday.

The security industry does employ some maritime security on certain vessels, and it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Maybe they are just trying to recruit less people. Maritime security plays a big role in securing these ships, and I guess they are looking at downplaying their role.

A few days after this had happened, a hijacking did take place on a Greek vessel, the pirates managed to board a ship with 14 crew carrying over 135,000 tonnes of crude oil. It just goes to show, people are still silly enough use vessels without manned security.

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