Satellite Communications in The Security Industry

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The security industry is a very large industry, there are all kinds of different avenues and jobs that you can take. Satellite use is not exclusive to this industry specifically, and it is only used in security jobs where there is no opportunity to use standard communication.

We’re not talking about your standard satellite that A1 Digital would install, we’re talking about satellite phones that have access to communication as long as there are functioning satellites in the sky. Satellite is the only form of communication with a worldwide distance at sea, radio-waves won’t travel too far and there are no masts out in the sea that will enhance signal, so satellite can be used for not only telecommunication, but also internet access. You might need a bigger receiver for internet access though.

It’s not just maritime security that will use satellite phones, some contract security stationed in underdeveloped countries will also be using satellite phones to contact their superiors and get orders. Satellite is the most effective communication tool under these circumstances, and unless something better comes out, it’s going to be used for a long time.


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Over the past few months we’ve been hearing more and more about the state of our own privacy. It seems that I’ve had a sudden realisation that we wont be having very much privacy any more. With internet enabled devices all throughout our lives, how is spying on our communications at all acceptable?

I’ve been reading all kinds of things about the current state of affairs, with the GHCQ providing our details to the American government and their government not letting people even talk about it. It’s a sad sad state of affairs when the government can use any of your private information against you or out of context. So what can be done? I would say expect the worst, it sounds like they are in full swing and whatever has been put in place will not be taken down.

Somali Hijacking, No Boats Taken In A Year

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Somali Hijacking seems to be a thing of the past, well, the hijacking aspect of it. Attacks are still happening in the Gulf of Aden and the south coast of Africa but with new security measures on nearly all vessels that pass through, none of the attacks are successful. I have a friend who has written a few articles on the subject and he definitely did not believe the UN’s claims that there have been no hijackings since may 12th 2012. He knew a few sources that would most likely disprove what had been said and ended up going onto the websites.

He was indeed correct because within minutes he had found accounts of ships being boarded in and around Somalian waters. Now I’m not usually one to be skeptical but I don’t really see the purpose of such blatant lies when you can see that events are happening nearly everyday.

The security industry does employ some maritime security on certain vessels, and it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Maybe they are just trying to recruit less people. Maritime security plays a big role in securing these ships, and I guess they are looking at downplaying their role.

A few days after this had happened, a hijacking did take place on a Greek vessel, the pirates managed to board a ship with 14 crew carrying over 135,000 tonnes of crude oil. It just goes to show, people are still silly enough use vessels without manned security.

Safety And The Security Industry

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The security industry is a well oiled machine, with thousands of people working in security in Britain how do you get access to this sector?


First of all, training is a must. Training and licensing is all in the same package and offered by the SIA (the Security Industry Authority). Many companies work with the SIA to offer training packages and help. You can find websites that offer this kind of advice all over the place and a simple google search so get you what you require. An SIA licence is required to do any kind of work within the security industry, whether it be a CCTV operator or a nightclub doorman you need one of these licences. Getting yourself an SIA licence can really benefit you if you are having trouble finding work. It will open up many avenues for you and you will have access to a wide range of positions. Certain websites will help you find all kinds of positions, from CCTV Operator to door supervisor jobs.


Experience is another thing that would come in handy, having experience in the armed forces or navy will definitely net you some extra brownie points when applying for positions. Ex military personnel usually find themselves at home doing close protection work or bodyguard work, this is a slightly more dangerous side to the security industry but combat training is preferred. This kind of past experience will also help you with access to maritime security training and jobs aswell so it is quite an advantage.

So if your striking out when looking for employment, why not take a look at SIA training courses?

Is Home Security The First Place to Start?

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Of course it is! Home security is important, even if you think you live in the nicest of locals, criminals don’t discriminate. A break-in can happen anywhere and just because the area you live in is nice, doesn’t mean that it wont happen to you. You don’t have to buy 6? thick metal doors, just a simple alarm system may suffice for just a simple deterrent.


If you have extreme valuables in your home then you may think about installing a hidden safe somewhere in the house.A safe can be purchased from £100 upwards, £100 being very easy to get into and small so just make sure it is well hidden! If you are a worrier and have trouble sleeping at night due to the thought of a break-in, You can reinforce your front door frame and door to make it practically impenetrable.

The Concealed Gun Is Now Online

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And so it begins.. I’ve finally got the site online and ready for action.

I decided to start this website because as we move further and further ahead in technological advancements, people are starting to worry more and more about the security of their homes, their families and even their information. We live in an age where information can be brought up in seconds and not only do we need to be dependent on physical security, we need to be dependent on IT security. My blog will cover all kinds of different security measures, ranging from physical to IT, covering alarm systems, safety locks, Doors, and obviously Internet and IT. Over the next few weeks I will start posting my thoughts on what is required to keep yourselves secure. I hope to post soon.

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